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The Veterinary Center for Behavioral Medicine was established in September 2019, in collaboration with Dr. Noa Harell, a Behavioral Medicine Specialist in Domestic Animals, and Dr. Tamar Amit, a certified ISVPS in Animal Behavior, to meet the growing need for professional behavioral counseling for domestic animals in Israel.

The Veterinary Center for Behavioral Medicine is an institution approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for specializing in veterinary behavioral medicine for dogs and cats.

The center provides behavioral counseling services, medication for behavioral problems and guidance for owners, trainers, veterinary students and veterinarians.

Golden Dog

A variety of behavioral problems are treated at the center

In dogs:

  • Various fears, anxieties and phobias

  • Aggressive behavior towards humans and other animals

  • Defecating at home

  • Destructive behavior

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Overactivity

  • Behavioral disorders in aging and elderly dogs

  • Guidance and education for puppies


In cats:

  • Defecating outside the sandbox

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Over-howling

  • Abnormal nocturnal activity

  • Adaptation difficulties in moving to a new home

  • Compulsive behavior

  • Overactivity and destruction


Preventive counseling

  • Advice before flying and moving abroad

  • Prenatal counseling

  • Advice before choosing an animal

Veterinary Center for Behavioral Medicine

Sokolov 90 in Ramat Hasharon

Secretarial hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-15:00
Wednesday - 14:00-20:00

Phone / WhatsApp - 053-7132248


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